Say hi to No. 90. 


She is a headturner to say the least!  A great ottaman or centerpiece addition!  No. 90 is a whole lotta candle with over 30 ounces of wax and she measures in at 16" in length, 4" in height and 7" at her widest point. She's a beautiful seafoam green and a great vessel option to refill and enjoy over and over again. 


Scent: Grapefruit + Mint 


Very bright and fresh as each note clearly distinguishes itself. Invigorating mint is slightly subdued with the wet, juiciness of grapefruit and sweet orange.

No. 90

  • Made with a premium coco apricot wax blend & a natural wooden wick that are contained in a true vintage vessel that can be refilled or repurposed after you enjoy. 

    Frankfort candle co. candles are always:

    • Hand-poured with love in small batches.
    • Include premium coconut wax blend and a natural wooden wick.
    • Perfect for gift giving.
    • Can be customized. Please contact us for custom or bulk orders.

    Why a coco-apricot creme wax?

    • Burns cleaner and longer than other wax types.
    • Coco-apricot crème wax is organic, gluten free, toxin free, paraban free, phalate free and comes from renewable sources.
    • Although it's made from coconuts and apricots, it does not smell like either.