The "It's 5 o'clock somewhere" gift set features specially curated and small batched artisian items that are sure to bring you joy on a cozy night in. We’ve paired this gift set with a matching luxe crystal candle. Makes a great gift for you or a loved one!

Gift Set Includes:


  • A luxe 10oz crystal candle from us with all the quality you've come to love, our signature coco- apricot wax, wooden wicks and globally sourced fragrance. Choose from our best selling Honey + Bourbon (think sweet honey and rich bourbon with a slight fruity, spicy note settle into a subtle syrupy essence.) or Sandalwood + Smoke (picture sweet and slightly smoky, campfire smoke, hints of leather, and vanilla amber mingle to create this sultry combination) scents. 
  • A 8"x 8"x 1.25" Teak-Edge Grain Chop Block perfect for cutting your lemons and limes from Madeira Housewares located in Delray Beach, Florida
  • A cocktail sampler set from Portland Syrups. This arrangement is our cocktail-forward collection featuring: Ginger (Moscow Mules and Dark and Stormy) Rose Tonic (Vodka/Gin & Tonic) Mojito (Virgin or with the rum, it's delicious!) Each bottle is 100mL (3.4 ounces, which means you can fly with it!) and makes 3 full sodas or up to 6 cocktails each. Portland Syrups is a cocktail and soda syrup company that specializes in small batch, lower-sugar mixers using whole botanical ingredients.


It's 5 o'clock somewhere gift box